The Seven Little Penguins (5-7)
The Seven Little Penguins (5-7)

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A magical, musical winter show for 5 - 7s (Key Stage 1) to perform. Without nativity or Christmas content. Duration 35 mins. 

A comical polar adventure! While his brothers and sisters are out fishing, little Goggles the penguin has unwelcome visitors to his igloo... Snitch, Nick and Nock, the snow fox and polar bear robbers! It is up to Goggles' friends, the fish, the whale and the icicles (not forgetting PC Blubber, the walrus detective) to help him catch the culprits! 

Unforgettable songs and plenty of lively involvement for all. Perfect for a wintertime performance and the cold weather! 

All of our musicals come with script, piano scores and CD of vocal tracks to listen to and plain backing performance tracks for you to sing along to.

And kindly don't forget to add your Early Bird Performance Licence above, just £20 (bought later £25). This licence is required if you perform your play to parents or other external audience.

Read sample pages from the books:

The Seven Little Penguins script sample.pdf

The Seven Little Penguins piano score sample.pdf

Listen to clips of the songs:

Seven little penguins are we!.mp3

Oh, Goggles, don't you cry.mp3

Funny little song.mp3

Grab this, grab that! (song of the robbers)

Dance of the fish and the whale (instrumental)

PC Blubber's song (the walrus policeman)

Song of the icicles.mp3

Funny little song (reprise, in the robbers' cave)

Seven little penguins are we! (reprise)

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