The Goblin Next Door (6-8)
The Goblin Next Door  (6-8)

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An all-year-round musical show for 6 - 8 year olds to perform (ideal for Years 2 & 3, although Year 1s will enjoy putting in on too). Duration 35/40 mins.

A fun-filled fairytale musical in a woodland setting. With a citizenship theme about being a good neighbour, it tells the story of a noisy and mischievous goblin who moves in next door to the gentle folk of Fairy Dell, causing mayhem and trouble. Just maybe, he'll see the error of his ways and turn over a new leaf! 

The exciting thing about this show is that it can be performed any time of year from springtime to Christmas and your woodland scenery will reflect the season perfectly every time! 

All of our musicals come with script, piano scores and CD of vocal tracks to listen to and plain backing performance tracks for you to sing along to.

And kindly don't forget to add your Early Bird Performance Licence above, just £20 (bought later £25). This licence is required if you perform your play to parents or other external audience.

Read sample pages of the books:

The Goblin Next Door script sample.pdf

The Goblin Next Door piano score sample.pdf

Listen to clips of the songs:

What a great day in the woods.mp3

Lord and Lady Wood-Pidge.mp3

Goblin Man.mp3

Have you ever been to a fairy party?.mp3

Pass the pixie parcel.mp3

Dance of the woodland animals.mp3

The Pixieland Band Waltz (instrumental).mp3

Good Friend.mp3

All's well that ends well.mp3

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