Nativity play tips No. 4: Narrators

Posted November 14, 2013 by Fran Carpenter

When a musical play has narration parts, teachers often split the role between various children. This tends to slow down the pace of the show whilst each reader prepares to speak his or her line. (Being honest… it can make a show or assembly become really boring!). With Year 2 or above, chose just one strong, clear voiced and characterful reader/narrator, who will narrate throughout, giving your show continuity and flow. The narrator will also then develop into a character of their own, and feel they are an important part of the show – which they are.

If you have children who are Year 1 or younger, consider narration parts being read by either a fluent reading older child or an adult. Let your younger children shine through their singing, acting and dancing, which are after all much more interesting and enjoyable things for young children to do!

Also, whomever you choose as a narrator, dress them in a costume that blends with your play. If a nativity, perhaps your narrator can be a shepherd or a sheep. Make narrating fun for them, rather than a chore!


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