Nativity play tips No. 1: Casting your Christmas show

Posted November 14, 2013 by Fran Carpenter

When casting your Christmas show or nativity, let the children choose which parts to play. Don't presume you know who will be the best candidate to play each part! Allow time for your children (of any age) to listen to a synopsis of the story and act out the play informally in a large space, all children playing all parts they wish to try. (Don't worry if it's a bit of a mess at this stage!) Give out a few copies of the script to older children. Good candidates to play certain parts will always miraculously come to the fore. If more than two good candidates arise for a main part, let the other children vote on who plays the part. This method never fails to find your best 'solo singers, actors and actresses', in my experience - with sometimes very unexpected results! It also gives all children a chance to be heard and seen, including those who are generally quieter and might not normally be considered for main acting parts or solo singing parts.


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