Nativity play tips No. 5: Movement & dance

Posted November 15, 2013 by Fran Carpenter

Let your children move as much as possible in your show!  Movement will raise the energy in all parts of your performance.

Encourage your young actors (from nursery upwards) to walk about, use gestures and interact with each other. 

During group songs, all singers should stand.  Add actions or simple dance movements to each song, even if subtle and understated for a slower tune.  Have a small group of dancers dance during some of your songs.  Movement of any sort will bring the songs to life.

And if your play doesn’t have built-in dance music, find some suitable uplifting music and create two or three dances for groups of children to perform, to break up the acting scenes (a snowflake dance, a star dance, an animal dance, whatever suits your show).  A circle dance, a line dance, a disco dance, a ballroom dance! It doesn’t matter what kind of dance. And let the children try choreographing their own dances and movements.

Movement, dance, movement – just have lots of it to make your show go with a ‘Wow!’


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