Do you send out approval copies of your books?  

We do not send out copies of our publications on approval. However, you can download MP3 clips of our songs and PDF sample pages of our books from our website to help you with your decision making. Further information about our publications can also be requested:

We will be very happy to help you with your enquiries.


Do you sell digital copies of your books and music?  

We sell digital copies (pdf/mp3 versions) of our musical shows on request to customers who buy the book and CD version (sorry - digital copies are currently not available to buy directly on the website or separately from the book and CD version). A digital copy of any of our musicals costs an extra £15. Access to digital copies is through Dropbox.  You do not need to install or 'sign up' to Dropbox to access your digital files. (However, you may like to know that Dropbox is a free, easy-install storage application for both Windows and Mac.) 

Once you have requested/ordered your digital copy, you will be emailed a PayPal invoice to pay, which, shortly after payment, will be followed by an email with a link to your pdfs, mp3s and a pdf Performance Licence application form.  (Please note it is cheaper to buy a licence at the time of buying your digital copy of the musical, so please do ask for an Early Bird Licence to be added to your invoice.)

Request/Order a digital copy of any of our productions in one of the following ways:


We have damaged or lost our CD. Do you sell CDs separately?

Extra copies of single Frantic CDs are available to purchase separately for £8.50 plus £1.50 postage and packing (NB: Postage and packing for 2 or more copies is £3.00.)  Please email us or phone 01425-614665 to place an order for extra CDs.  We will include an invoice when we send the CDs.  (NB: The one exception is The Angel's Harp production pack which comes with 2 CDs. They can only be sold as a pair together and the cost is £15 plus £1.50 postage & packing.)

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