The Angel's Harp (6-8)
The Angel's Harp (6-8)

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For 6 - 8 year olds (Years 2 and 3, although also suitable for a whole school show or mixed age group including younger and older children)  

A young angel called Adina, who plays the harp in the angel orchestra, drops her harp from a cloud when distracted by the hustle and bustle of Bethlehem below. She flies down to Bethlehem to find it, and it is not long before she happens upon the colourful characters of the nativity story, who turn out to be a most musical bunch! She finds herself jamming on the tambourine in the Innkeeper’s celtic-style ceilidh band, dancing the conga to the shepherds’ piping tune, and parading to the three wise men’s grand trumpet fanfare. Interspersed between these scenes are comical and quirky song and dance numbers, as the harp (having landed on a haystack near the infamous stable) entertains the birds and animals living nearby. It is the stars who finally help Adina to discover the whereabouts of her harp, just in time (of course!) for her to accompany a big celebratory finale song for the new baby King.

Author and composer of The Angel’s Harp, Fran Carpenter, comments, “This is a truly musical celebration of the nativity story, giving children a taste of many different musical styles, linked by the distinctive and angelic sound of the harp. And it is more than just a ‘sing-along’ style nativity show. It provides opportunities for children to be creative whilst developing real musical skills and knowledge as they rehearse, and provides a showcase for young performers’ singing and instrumental playing abilities - whilst making the teacher’s director role as simple as possible.”

There are speaking parts for up to 28 children, with further participation opportunities through singing, dancing and non-speaking acting and instrumental parts for more than 90 young performers. Performance duration is approximately 45 minutes.

The Angel’s Harp performance pack includes script with performance tips, piano scores with guitar chords and separate CDs of vocal tracks and plain performance backing tracks.

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Listen to clips from some of the show's great songs and music:

The Angel's Harp (theme song)

What is this? (song)

The harp is falling (music for dance)

The Owl strums the harp (instrumental) 

The Barnyard Tap Dance (song & dance)

Be careful, Adina (song)

The Squeaky Hopping Dance (The Gerbils)

The Star & Camel Inn (scene change music)

The Innkeeper's Ceilidh (song)

The Wriggle, Run & Stop Dance (The Geckos)

The Shepherds' Conga (song & dance)

Dance of the Big Star 

The Cock-A-Doodle-Doo Line Dance (The cockerel & hens)

Fanfare for the Wise Men (song)

Adina flies up to the stars (incidental/dance music)

Song for a King (Finale Song)

Read sample pages of the books:

The Angel's Harp script sample pages

The Angel's Harp piano score sample pages


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