A Holiday And A Half (8-11)
A Holiday And A Half (8-11)

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A Holiday... And A Half! is a lively, pop-style, summer adventure musical for 8 - 11s to perform. It makes a superb - and very memorable - end-of-year Y6 LEAVERS' SHOW. Duration 1h 15 mins.

Friends Sean, Kit, Sonny and Jas are caught up in some very weird goings-on at Bunter's Holiday Centre! Who has stolen the holiday centre attractions, Jasper and Jessie the camels? Could it be Toni Gelati, the ice-cream man? Mr Strange, the Punch and Judy man? Lotta Brawn, the keep-fit instructor? Or Uncle Steve, the star-struck children's entertainer?! Your kids will love playing these eccentric and hilarious characters! 

Performance pack includes the script, top line (melody line) song scores (NB: no piano scores with this show) and a CD of vocal tracks for you to listen to and performance backing tracks for you to sing along to. 

And kindly don't forget to add your Early Bird Performance Licence above, just £20 (bought later £25). This licence is required if you perform your play to parents or other external audience.

Read sample pages from the books:

A Holiday... And A Half! script sample.pdf

A Holiday… And A Half! top line score sample.pdf

Listen to clips of the songs:


Toni Gelati's Ice Cream Song.mp3

Camel Dance (instrumental).mp3

Whoopee Club Song.mp3

I wanna be your star!.mp3

Keep Fit Dance Music.mp3

The Punch and Judy Man.mp3

Chillout & DJ Donna's Ibiza Dance Mix.mp3

Something's Smelling Rotten!.mp3

You Did It!.mp3

We'll Stay As One.mp3

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